Cool Twister 

Bottle Water Cooler

The perfect water in 80 seconds for a healthy baby meal


Clean and correctly tempered water is the key part of a healthy baby meal. Only by adding the water at the recommended temperature to the infant formula, you can ensure that temperature-sensitive vitamins and nutrients are not lost, and the infant formula is not completely dissolved. The required water temperature varies between the different infant formula brands (see product instruction). 


The Cool Twister cools boiling water to the correct temperature in only 80 seconds. It is easy to use and works without power. The Cool Twister is food safe, microbiologically tested and free from Bisphenol A.

Bimbosan Cool Twister
  • exact temperature of 40, 50, 60 or 70°C
  • works with just cold water - according to the simple principle of heat exchange
  • is light, handy and fits in the refrigerator and nappy bag
  • ideal when travelling
  • food safe

How to use the Cool Twister:

Use the break-proof measuring cup to measure out 210 ml of freshly boiled water.

Turn the Cool Twister 180°, place it on the threaded neck of the measuring cup and screw the two together tightly.

Turn the combined unit back over and place it directly on the neck of the baby bottle. Hot water flows automatically through the cooling coil and is cooled using the simple principle of heat exchange.

The device works without electricity and uses the simply principle of heat exchange. The heat from the boiling water transfers to the cold water and the temperatures balance each other out. The boiling water therefore cools down, whilst the cold water heats up. 

This heat exchange takes place through an aluminium cooling coil inside the Cool Twister. The clever construction prevents the two liquids from mixing together. 

The cold required for the cooling process is achieved by storing the Cool Twister in the fridge. After use, the cool water will have warmed up due to the heat exchange. The Cool Twister is then placed back in the fridge for about 2 hours to cool down before it can be used again.

Cool Twister instruction for download
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