Our company

SWISS BABYs BEST Pte Ltd is located in Singapore and specialiest in import, distribution and commercialisation of Swiss Premium Baby brands in Southeast Asia. The founders of the company are Swiss nationality with many years of experience in Southeast Asia and in the international baby industry. 

Our persuasion

The resources around the world are limited and we should treat the beautiful planet with respect. We considers it as our special duty to leave behind a beautiful world for the small children and babies of today. Buying Swiss natural products, you are caretakers of the beautiful countryside and nature of our planet, and you can be sure to give the best, what nature provides to your baby.  It is our aim to bring safe, healthy and high-quality baby products to Southeast Asia. 

Sole authorized distributor of Bimbosan

We are proud to represent Bimbosan in Singapore and to bring best Swiss natural baby food directly from the Swiss farmers to families in Singapore.