• Has your baby daily changing requirements?

    The BIMBOSAN FEEL-GOOD-SYSTEM for every baby day.

  • Can't your baby sleep throughout the night?

    Bimbosan Organic 7 Grain Cereal for a good, relaxing sleep throughout the night.

  • Has your baby a too firm stool?

    BIMBOSAN ORGANIC MILLET Cereal to loosen your baby's stool.

  • Has your baby a too loose stool?

    BIMBOSAN ORGANIC RICE Cereal to firm your baby's stool.

  • Has your baby a sensitive stomach?

    Bimbosan Organic Hosana 3 Grain Cereal to calm down your baby's stomach.

  • Has your baby a large appetite?

    BIMBOSAN ORGANIC INFANT CEREALS ready to mix for the baby bottle or as a pap.

Bimbosan - For every baby day

Switzerland’s Leading Natural Baby Milk Powder & Cereals

Every baby is different, and every day in the life of a baby is different. So when it comes to your baby, you would only want the best. What could be more important, than ensuring that the level of nutrition for your baby is just right, every day and all day. Bimbosan's range of natural products provides daily nutrition for your baby, which can be adapted to your child, based on their changing requirements. If your baby has a sensitive stomach, a large appetite or thick or loose stools, you can tailor make, what you feed your baby, based on their needs at that time. The Bimbosan Feel-Good-System. For thoroughly satisfied babies. 

Our Bimbosan products

Bimbosan Organic  Baby Milk Powder

Bimbosan natural baby milk powders contain only the very best raw materials from selected Swiss farmers, ensuring ist unparalleled Swiss quality since 1932.

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BIMBOSAN Organic  Bottle Supplements

Thanks to the Bimbosan Feel-Good-System and its Baby Cereals, the nutrition of your baby can now be adjusted to the daily special needs of your baby. Because every baby day is different.

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Cool Twister

By nature Goat's milk has many good qualities. Made from 100% goat’s milk proteins. Contains 2¨-FL HMO, Omega-3, Omega-6 and GOS. Without palm-oil.

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